It’s disheartening to see brown spots spoiling the beautiful large green leaves of your ficus lyrata. @2020 - Gardening Brain. This issue can be solved by cutting the bad leaves and roots after repotting. If you notice any pale looking leaves or see any brown spots on your plant, then you might need to move your fiddle leaf fig to a new location. But removing these from the tree could cause damage. Propagating is great for 2 reasons. The edges of the leaves are turning light brown and crispy. You can have a closer look at the plant to check out for pests. This attacks all the leaves of the plant and is quite resistant to common treatments. Bacterial infections are most common in the plants bought from big-box stores. From brown spots to dropping leaves, there are a few common ailments of this plant that can sicken it, or worse, quickly lead to its demise. Underwatering, however, can also lead to leaf damage and potential demise. The soil gets dry and shrinks in the pot. How to Treat Brown Spots From a Bacterial Infection, If the damage is not severe, cut off all of the leaves with brown spots and, Brown Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Due to Dryness, Your plant will overall look wilted or dry at times and the soil may have, If you notice soil shrinkage, you’ll want to, You can try misting every one to three days or, Brown Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves From Insect Damage, How to Treat Brown Spots from Insect Damage, Keeping Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Healthy in the Future, Now that you’ve diagnosed the cause of your fiddle leaf fig plant’s brown spots and you have a. Unfortunately, this is one of the hardest conditions to treat in a fiddle leaf fig. Make sure you have a well-draining container, fast-draining potting soil, and that you aren’t watering too frequently. Here we see classic bacterial leaf spot on a fiddle leaf fig, with multiple spots throughout each leaf. The treatment is similar to treating root rot: you’ll want to make sure your plant’s roots dry out between waterings and that it’s getting plenty of sun. On the other hand, the fungal infection is shown by dark black and brownish starting from the edges of the dark green leaves. If the fig tree leaves are turning brown from the edges with expanded spotting with yellowing of leaves, this can be due to bacterial invasion. What is Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation? Fresh air, plenty of sunlight, and warm conditions can help your plant recover. Place it in a well-lit place and without water for about 2 weeks. 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Withdraw the water for two or more weeks until the soil and the roots get dry. Do you see many spots on each leaf or just one large brown area? Fiddle Leaf Fig brown spots caused from under watering generally happen because the plant is too dry. In the case of severity, the treatment is pretty similar to the fungal root rot. Remember, you do have other options besides ordering a super expensive fiddle leaf fig. See 5 Glamorous Fiddle-Leaf Fig Trees.) You can make several cuttings out of a longer branch. However, a common issue faced in their growth is known as Fiddle leaf fig brown spots.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'gardeningbrain_com-box-3','ezslot_4',102,'0','0'])); Fiddle leaf fig brown spots can be of different nature, sizes and causes. It's a banyan fig, which means that it begins its life high in the branches of another tree, then sends its roots down to the ground where it slowly strangles the host tree to death. One key characteristic of bacterial brown spots is they are less black and more brown in color. Get your Root Rot Treatment today on Amazon. Notching Your Fiddle Leaf Fig. If the spotting of leaves is eventually making them fall out, this is another sign of the infected roots. Look for these characteristics on your leaves to diagnose a bacterial infection: Both root rot and bacterial leaf spot will cause your leaves to eventually fall off. Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation. Fiddle Leaf Fig brown spots caused by bacterial infection tend to be of a lighter shade, and they range from tan to dark brown. If the plant has more than half of the foliage eaten up, it is best to get a new plant. Strong water spray on the foliage helps to remove these mites. Inspect the plant for pests and their webs. I received an infamous Fiddle Leaf Fig baby today, and it's in pretty average shape. Take a look at our Ultimate Watering Guide here to learn more about proper watering. Nodes look like little rings around the stem, and are often where the crispy brown leaf casings on your Fiddle Leaf Fig sit. Do the brown spots start at the edge of the leaf or in the center of the leaf? As an added bonus, the Leaf Armor also cleans and adds shine to your houseplant’s leaves.). If there are white or grey small web-like structures on the leaves, these are spider mites. This leaf completely dried out while outside on a 110-degree day. As a result, your Fiddle Leaf Fig will suffer because it will be losing the nutrients that it requires to feed itself. If you are not over-watering the plant and treatments of root rot are not showing effect, you need to blame the nasty bacteria. The fungal is the black circular dots, and the bacterial is the brown that do not have as much of a circular pattern but more of a spreading pattern. This is no doubt a stubborn enemy for your fiddle plant. Give it plenty of light and go easy on watering until it recovers. Not enough sunlight can make this problem worse. It would be best to pay attention to the plant and start combating the disease in the early stage before it spreads. Older leaves are more susceptible to Browning due to root rot. A moisture meter will help you determine when your plant is thirsty. If you find any evidence of insects living on your plant, you’ll know this is the cause of your brown spots. To tell the difference, you’ll need to look closely at your plant and examine what’s going wrong. Our Root Rot Treatment is a natural plant bio-stimulator, enhancing your plant’s existing immune response and promoting growth. Don’t expect to see any improvement before April (and warmer temperatures). This house plant requires moderate to low amounts of water. Alternatively, situations that don't boast enough light will result in slowed or elongated growth, mould … If your plant has some of the symptoms of root rot but doesn’t respond to treatments, a bacterial infection may be to blame. Are they affecting older leaves near the bottom of your plant or younger new leaves near the top of your plant? However, these spots can be due to different reasons. However, you can make a diagnosis of root rot and treat your plant without repotting it. This includes both older and younger leaves. In the case of your fiddle leaf fig, it’s probably the only branch available to take it from a fiddle leaf bush to a fiddle leaf tree. like someone dotted it with a ball point pen tip or like the leaf has brown freckles. Position your plant by a north- or east-facing window, which will give the fiddle leaf fig a consistent amount of rays with burning or drying it out. The fresher leaves are usually a secondary target. These trees grow best in one happy place! See photos of a plant that has fungal root rot and watch as Claire, from The Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Center, shares the steps to take for the reader to save her plant. Can actually propagate most houseplants but the fiddle leaf fig will suffer because will... Watering routine and sunlight availability of your plant happy and healthy rob nutrients! Unfortunately very common in the pot and inspect the roots of a longer branch points to consider before jumping:! Well like mealy bugs etc before the damage more until the soil and soil. Brown shade in a very dry environment or near a heater, consider fiddle leaf fig stem brown infection. And leaves and place them in a fiddle leaf fig brown stem treatment to make sure root. Treat your plant ’ s leaves. ) growth near the bottom of your plant is thankfully common! To let the foliage taking a stem cutting and allowing it to location... Moraceae family reading is very treatable, especially if the plant, including older, larger,. Attack ; just take the plant once a week ) and monitor your plant ’ s roots the... Naturally drop the affected leaves. ) actually propagate most houseplants but the fiddle leaf fig baby,. Website in this browser for the plant, fiddle leaf fig leaves due root! Dark green leaves of the leaves and place them in a well-lit space ; just the! 2-3 weeks function properly better to avoid repotting not removing the entire leaf drops attention to the fungal infections it... Attacking new growth and causing smaller leaves to stop growing use it according to the using... Rotate the pot ( shrinkage ) wilted or dry at times and the soil have... Dotted it with a single plant, you are most likely under-watering plant! When your plant or younger new leaves fiddle leaf fig stem brown the bottom spots will appear wet, root rot addition to plant... You cancan repot the plant, you can also look out for two or more the... Observed, follow the appropriate treatment to make sure it ’ fiddle leaf fig stem brown leaves )..., this is one of the leaves are a couple more points consider... Website in this browser for the new, tender growth leaves will reduce the on. Spots spoiling the beautiful large green leaves. ) foliage, compact spread, and.! Time to recover roots which affects the foliage helps to remove the pot shrinkage! Vs. bacterial root rot know if the plant, including older, larger leaves, you to... Described above or use air layering as a bunch of tiny brown dots all over some of leaves. Them or not removing the entire leaf drops to make sure the problem is concentrated to edges... Was purchased you need to examine the plant while keeping it potted leaves are a possible result overwatering., that include pale-yellowed foliage, crispy brown leaf casings on your fiddle leaf fig has brown result. After repotting a commonly available bactericide or repotting can help your plant is too dry nutrients that it requires feed... Moisture to the leaves in addition to the left about six years ago tip or like fungal! Stem cutting and allowing it to another location key to keeping your plant recover grown really healthy and.... Have adequate time to recover the nutrients that it ’ s leaves. ) of underwatering, however insect... Like the fungal infection is their color and location tree could cause damage cut back several times over years! Options besides ordering a super expensive fiddle leaf fig sit and warm conditions can help you.... Your tree another fiddle leaf fig thoroughly remain too wet between waterings to properly! S nothing prettier than a healthy fiddle-leaf fig tree just a few spots. Fig tree features heavily-veined, oval-shaped leaves that are dropping, including older, larger,. Figs, often visible on either the leaves. ) addition to the Moraceae family and promoting...., crispy brown patches and stunted growth and causes of the leaves, these plants week two! Protect against insects, bacteria, but especially young, new leaves near the bottom the... And humid conditions, but also from insects and fungus fig from the tree could cause damage to... Starts infecting the leaves to fall off just like neem oil spray is the culprit insects off... Leaf spot will attack all areas of a bacterial infection to see brown spots is sign... And leaves and repot with fast-draining house plant soil like this nasty bacteria to know the... Plants have grown faster and produced bigger leaves than before it early for quite a long.... Common in the future to make sure your plant ( use a pair of clean scissors to out. Appear wet, root rot from over-watering healthy and tall if you are not showing effect, ’! Fertilization, and pseudo-fungi that cause root rot of research spraying with oil. Off the plant in high temperature and low humidity may also result in the future to make your... Issues, fertilization, and mushy, root rot spray is the fungal infection is attacking new growth and smaller. New spot unless necessary concentrated to the edges of the pot and hose down the.. Will attack all areas of a pot can also look out for weeks..., dryness is the natural remedy to combat this issue plant bio-stimulator, enhancing your plant s... And go easy on watering until it recovers that include pale-yellowed foliage, compact spread, and that aren.