Laika… For whatever reason, you are now asking the question: Why should animals have rights?” READ MORE, — Ingrid E. Newkirk, PETA President and co-author of Animalkind. How funny, she giggles. One of the handlers describes her eyes were wide open with wonder; another one said they were wide open with deadly fear. In memory of Laika—and for all the dogs suffering in laboratories across the U.S.—click on the button below to urge the university’s board of regents to order the school to shut down its laboratory and release all the dogs there for adoption into good homes: Help Get 29 Dogs out of Texas A&M’s Torture Lab. She wants to keep their love and attention, so a little hardship won't really hurt. The former street dog was about to make history as the first living creature to orbit the earth, blasting off on a one-way journey. And we got NASA’s plan to irradiate monkeys scrapped. They only want to have a dish of fresh water, some food and to feel love. Her ancestry was not known for certain except that she was born somewhere in that country. I I am still young, I can change, I can still learn other games. There are still so many questions about what was going on with Laika behind scenes but the only true anwers Laika took away with her -entering the atmosphere in the capsule....her coffin. "My greatest mistake was Laika, because at that time we did not know how to return a capsule to earth. They wanted to reach beyond the unreachable. With natural canine cunning, Laika sensed that something was different about this training session. And maybe one day soon they would stop putting her in that small cage, where she feels so squeezed and uncomfortable. Remembering Laika, the First Dog in Space In 1957, a dog boarded a Soviet spacecraft and blasted into the heavens. The sensation was as if she was falling, dust, metal filings and a lost screw floated near her head. Besides she is never alone, they must really love her so much as more and more people are staying with her, patting her, affectionately calling her other names, she especially likes Kudryavka (Little Curly). .Anyone who knows the story of Laika should be aware how much we all owe to this dog. They knew Sputnik 2 would never come back, that it would fly endless weeks in the space, so they couldn't risk sending a human being there. Wherever you are sweet Laika, I know you are smiling, as long as there are people like Aaron your memory will never fade. She was picked from the streets of Moscow to join the Russian space mission Sputnik II in 1961. We never considered the impact of these actions on the animals involved. Winters are unpleasant there, the bitter cold and heavy winds sweep the city and darken the short days. Nobody ever saw her again. They perform a short surgery on her, inflating a tiny balloon in her artery to observe her blood pressure during stressful testing. A true and real love. A stray dog called Laika became the first living creature launched into orbit – and tragically died – on this day in 1957. And your man has always been nice to me. In 1996, PETA successfully campaigned to get NASA to pull out of Bion—a joint U.S., French, and Russian experiment in which scientists forced monkeys into straitjackets and implanted electrodes in their bodies before launching them into space. My special thanks go to Maria and Paul. And they did. There was no way out of it. She died alone, she died terrified, and she never knew why. I could go on with more details but I won't. Master was sad. In their wonderful song Laika lives forever. I am a good doggie. The dog Laika, the first living creature to orbit the Earth, did not live nearly as long as Soviet officials led the world to believe. Many protested at the United Nations, with placards read "Send up Nikita"-. Sputnik 1 went to the orbit alone, emitting radio signals only. She has so much love in her little heart but no one was willing to take it. Meanwhile her Master worked frantically to scale out the beeps, he was hoping to extract a reading on cabin temperature. to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. And where was her Master? They called her Laika. link to the site: And that sausage!! While science and space missions did learn something from this tryst, Laika the space dog was not meant to survive the journey to the Earth's orbit, by mission design. When they bring her to her new home she is a little disappointed. What would you say to us if you could talk, Laika? I know I would be free here and run and jump with your kids. They put her in a car and take the net away, they give her another piece of sausage, and they promise her water and a place to sleep. He was shocked, if telemetry was correct; Laika's cabin was like an oven. I am trying to focus on Laika or Kadryavka - Little Curly, as this name was given to her out of affection, while Laika is every other stray dog in Russia. Laika in her space box, from which she was never to emerge. "Don't let her suffer anymore", he whispered in prayer. But I could love you too. Someone had to pay the final price for achieving their goal. Many of them got really attached to this wonderful doggie, they talked to her, patted her, they took her for a walk, (she had to wear harness to be prevented from any hurt). Again it was not enough. In her vision she pictures human homes differently but still she doesn't complain. Again they wanted more. Laika wasn’t actually the first living being to be ever sent to space. Until that door closed forever she still thought it was a game, that the bond she established with some was real and would last to the end. What Laika was subjected to was cruel and inexcusable. She barked, her heart rate jumped with fear and some moments later she was on her way up, up to the sky. Did she ever want to become a top dog? She knew that her master was not a bad person, but he too was just a human. And he never despised and hated his leader as deeply as on that day.". His Laika stayed in that capsule for 3 days. Then suddenly she felt an upward lurch, for the last time her eyes spotted her master, their eyes still locked on each other she caught her last glimpse of him and then the darkness came. She was one of the first animals in space, and the first animal to orbit the Earth. Temperatures inside the tiny spacecraft quickly soared, and within hours, she cooked to death—all alone and in severe pain. She doesn't know she has just been spotted, together with two other female companions. A short time later she began the complicated process of being adapted to her space gear. So go and pick one, run all the tests on it and launch it into the orbit. Laika spends many hours in the science lab. But for me you will be Little Curly girl, my Kadryavka. And she was so tired. Perhaps you want to keep me. ... link to the site: "Laika was playing with kids, when she saw their mother sitting still, her eyes wet with tears. Forgive me in the name of the mankind that sadly I am part of. On November 3, 1957, the Soviet Union sent Laika into orbit aboard the satellite Sputnik 2. A celebrity? There is a lot of speculation why Laika was selected to become the first cosmonaut, but the fact is she had everything they needed. She Disintegrated On Re-EntryAfter five months and 2,570 orbits around the Earth, the satellite that … It is so small, I can't move and I feel so alone there. Deep inside they felt a huge regret and they knew the guilt of having to help to send her on a one way trip would stay with them forever. If she knew why she was chosen her dreams would turn into nightmares and she would run away as fast as she could. The National Canine Defence League was calling on all dog lovers to observe a minute's silence. But who nose for sure? Dogs’ status as “man’s best friend” offers them no protection from being locked inside cages alone and forced to endure excruciating experiments. Moscow is also the land of thousands of unwanted cats and dogs, the so-called strays. Why was he hiding from her? Just like Blackfish made you shun SeaWorld, Space Dogs implies an action step of its own. Meet a Monkey Used for Breeding and Experiments, NBA Star Enes Kanter Says, ‘Change Cannot Wait’—Go Vegan. She was beautiful, good natured, photogenic - they knew one day soon her pictures would circle the world - she was small, she weighed only 6 kilos ( 13lbs), she was a female so she didn't need to stand while urinating, and she was a stray, used to hardship of the streets, they knew she would be able to endure long periods of inactivity, therefore she perfectly suited for the harsh conditions of the training. But they also knew what it would mean to break the orders. She never heard the countdown, but she could feel a motion of the capsule? She must be terrified, he thought. Still she wonders what is wrong with her body. The training includes standing still for long periods of time wearing space suit, being placed in simulators that accelerate like a rocket launch, and being kept in progressively smaller cages to prepare her for the confines of the space capsule. And they changed her meals. Now she sleeps in God's hands, safe and never to be betrayed again. But rats, mice, primates, fish, turtles, and other animals are still being sent into space in cruel curiosity-driven experiments. A top secret which included many propaganda and lies. Little curly girl today marks the 53rd year anniversary since that final betrayal. He trapped her with that sausage and she believed he really cared for her. The man took Laika back to the research centre. According to Russian reports, Laika lived for a week aboard her spacecraft before she died. She doesn't want to be half shaved after all they picked her out for her beauty and she wants to stay pretty for them. Nobody was hurt. Homage to Laika, a dog who perished in space. She didn't trust humans anymore. Laika and so many other animals paid the price for humanity for reaching for more than God was ready to give share with us. Many years later another man, whom she trusted, said : The more time passes, the more I am sorry about it. Time was running fast, the dateline was approaching and they ran more and more tests on Laika. Privately, as an insider, he had always felt this mission was less about science and more about beating the other nation. And she is smiling again. During the launch, her pulse shot up to three times its normal rate and she was so terrified that it remained elevated for an extended time. And there was one or two who had a very special bond with little curly dog. She walked the streets of Moscow in beauty, with dignity, though homeless. Current subscribers: You will continue to receive e-mail unless you explicitly opt out by clicking, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.